Sam Parnell

I have a successful history in technical sales and implementation across various sectors. For the last decade I have been working with a team of developers, designers, technical SEO experts and digital marketers and have combined my sales experience with my digital knowledge focusing on helping businesses to grow online.

We all hear that a great digital strategy will revolutionise business but buying multiple services and ensuring they all dovetail efficiently together can be a minefield. It’s my job to be the digital advocate within your organisation. I help to plan digital strategies, working out how you can use digital tools to make more of your mission; helping teams like yours implement digital projects, sometimes using existing tools, sometimes creating new ones, that includes CRM’s, collaborations, communications, campaigns and lots more. I work with digital experts to build websites and software, sometimes from scratch, sometimes on top of existing platforms.

There’s a lot there, but here’s the best place to start: what’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

I work with BGCN coaches maximising their specialist coaching knowledge and giving projects a digital dimension to open up revenue opportunities.

Sam Parnell

Sam Parnell


Digital strategist

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