Sue Henry

Sue Henry is a highly experience transformational change consultant. Over 30 years experience working at the most senior level in NHS management & public health nationally & locally.

Building on her expertise in sport, health, leadership and transformational change Sue left NHS and set up her own business to create programmes leading to sustainable improvement in mental wellbeing and performance for individuals and organisations large and small who want happy, engaged and productive staff.

Sue was previously National Director for NHS Sport and Physical Activity Challenge, a national workplace wellbeing programme which engaged more than 500,000 staff across England

Sue is a coach, counsellor and mentor and has recently qualified as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and is passionate about supporting people to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing.

Her NHS career gave her some fantastic opportunities to understand link between work/health/mental wellbeing & behaviour change.

She worked with women, young people, disadvantaged communities, businesses & created the largest NHS Staff wellbeing programme inspired by London 2012.

Sue will work with you to cut through the ‘yes buts’ and nail down changes you can make which will bring you more joy, more energy and greater mental wellbeing.

She will help you set and achieve goals that will help you find a balance between sleep, recovery and leisure creating time to do more of what you enjoy. She uses a combination of technology giving you real-time data and coaching and she’ll hold you to account!

Sue Henry

Sue Henry


Health and Wellbeing expert

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