The Fundamentals of Selling

Does your sales team work to the same set of core principles or do you let
them ‘free-style’?
If you had the choice of them working to a set of ‘Sales Laws’, let’s call it the
‘Sales Team Standard Operating Procedure’, would you and what would be
in it?
If you took the fundamentals from your SSOP and put them on the wall in
your business, do you think it would make a positive difference to how you
served your clients and customers?

Here’s some to think about…

A mindset based on help not sell – the days of thinking you can outsmart
a buyer with sophisticated sales techniques are over. If your product or
service doesn’t help your prospect in some way shape or form, chances
are you can’t sell it to them.

Get passionate about your product – if you’re not convinced, you cannot
convince. Would you buy what you sell? If not, what makes you so
confident that anyone else will? If you’re not excited about it, find
something that does excite you.

Act like you’re in business – that means having the knowledge and
experience to instil confidence and belief in your prospect, so that they
are certain that hanging around with you is unbelievably good for their
future success.

Focus on “No’s” – most people aren’t waiting around for your call, so
prepare in advance for a ‘No’. Learn how to disqualify early; moving along
the tire-kickers and time-wasters is where the money’s earned.
Be genuinely interested in people – you don’t have to accept their opinion,
but you’re screwed if you don’t accept that they have one and it must be
understood. Knowing that people buy for their reasons, not yours, is the
key that unlocks the route to sales.

Become respectfully expectant – it starts with earning the right to be
treated as an equal and it’s the prerequisite to a collaborative
relationship. Create mutual benefit, assign individual accountability and
operate in an environment that seeks to progress.

Ask movement questions – the ones that shift the conversation forward;
the ones that progress a sale; the ones that positively challenge so that
their very purpose is to create a desire to commit to both parties taking
action. Sales conversations that don’t move the deal forward aren’t
usually sales conversations at all.

Use the C Word – from start to finish, your whole sales approach must be
predicated on getting Commitment. Do they Want to buy? Are
they Organised to take action? Will they Realign their business around
your product? Have the Decided now is the time to buy?

Avoid Risk – not yours, theirs. Reassure them that it’s in their best
interests to do business with you and that investing their hard-earned
cash not only makes sound business sense, it guarantees them a return.
Evidence beats expectation every time.

Always ask… – because usually, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. On a
personal level, you have to keep learning; better to ask and feel a fool for
a minute, then don’t ask and be a fool for a lifetime. On a business level,
provided you’ve done things above, there’s every chance your prospect is
waiting for you to do just that – so ask for the sale.

Ready for the next stage of your property development career?

BGCN Mastermind is a brand-new group initiative, bringing property developers from all over the United Kingdom together to share ideas, challenges and solutions faced when running a property development business.

Mastermind will help you speed up both the growth of your business and your personal growth.

The feedback you get will be the difference between success and failure.

Get back in control and dramatically reduce your worry and anxiety that can come with running your own company.

Why join the Mastermind group?

In these challenging times, a sense of community is needed more than ever. Putting several minds together to discuss challenges often results in many more solutions than if you remained thinking alone. That is one of the main reasons why professionals like you join Mastermind groups.

Mastermind attendees are carefully picked based on common interests and goals, to ensure the group can be run with maximum productivity and the highest quality in mind.

Get honest feedback and advice about your goals. The nature of Mastermind is to share challenges and goals with their peers in a no-holds barred environment, where honesty is encouraged and welcomed, meaning that you can leave with a variety of fresh perspectives and feeling more inspired than ever before. By actively engaging and facing your own challenges with your peers, the chance of fulfilling your goals is significantly increased.

Sharpen your business and personal skills and establish new habits. Broaden your knowledge and skills by learning from the diverse group of peers, all of which come with their own set of experiences, strength and weaknesses.

Be part of a community, collaborate with like-mind individuals and get on the right path to achieving your business goals.

Groups will be held online every other week, with sessions during the weekday evening and weekend, outside office hours. 

Guest speakers will be on hand to chair all of the vital business areas of property development, such as:

  • Planning
  • Costing 
  • Cashflow
  • Funding
  • Tax
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Project management
  • Coaching
  • Land buying
  • Contracts
    …and more

Contact for more details

How to make the most of LinkedIn

Here is a guide to some basic things that can quickly help you to use LinkedIn to build your personal and business brand and do more business. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Get your Profile right.

Have an up to date professional profile picture (not in a pub or club)

Make your profile reflect what you are trying to do – are you using Linkedin to let the world know you are looking for a new job or are you using it to build your business. Make sure your profile doesn’t confuse those viewing it

Get and give testimonials – that’s one of the key things people look at before engaging with you

2. Get Connections.

Think of Linkedin as your own marketing database – you connect with who you want – you are in control – But once you have your profile sorted gaining connections is key – so dust off that pile of old business cards and send invitations, Look down the list that Linkedin gives you and connect to people you know. When you meet with new people, follow up by sending them an invitation ( if you haven’t already done it before the meeting to find out more about them) If you are looking at a particular sector – look for people in that area and link with them.

Whenever possible send a personal message with a request – you will get better take up if you do.

3. Post and Comment

Ok, you have a profile and connections now post. You might start by sharing others posts, commenting or liking first then write your own posts.

Post content that is interesting to others – use pictures not just words to get more likes – so snap away at networking events and tell me people where you are. If you see something funny in your day take a picture and post it ( but keep it professional)

If you are looking for a certain sort of business or contact – ask your connections to help you, the chances are they will, especially if you have tried to help them and commented on their posts too. 

Aim to go on Linkedin at least twice a day and take some action, posting, liking, sharing to build your presence.

There we go as easy as 1,2,3, of course there is much more Linkedin can do to help, Linkedin Premium can really step things up at a price and we haven’t even mentioned the algorithms that Linkedin uses to help get you the best feed from your connections and how you can work with this, or the use of messaging or notifications but hopefully you will have found this a good starter

For further information and to book a personal review of your LinkedIn profile and how you are using it please get in touch via LinkedIn

Whilst you can’t work you can still train

Whilst you can’t work you can still train, so I’m going to post a themed ABC of things you could do to learn before you return to work.

Day 1 “Expand your thinking”

A Podcast – Dear Lovejoy, Tim challenges our thinking with a wide variety of interviews on many different subjects because modern life is difficult

Book – How to have a Great Life – by Paul McGee – The Sumo Guy with simple steps to success in easy to read format ideal to read in small chunks and use in your day to day life.

Course – a very personal one for me, Clive Gott, is sadly no longer with us and was a mentor and friend but his programmes “Believe and Achieve”, “How to Live Life on purpose” and “How to take Life by the Throat and say I’m not done yet” are all still available online and YouTube has some great clips of him in action.

Hope you find these useful and please feel free to share with anyone furloughed.

More coming soon…

7 ways to help each other in Linkedin

With most face to face networking postponed for the time being, the need for staying in touch with your business contacts via social media has never been greater. And with so many working from home, now is a great time to use Linkedin to help others so here is a list of seven things you can do to help others.

  1. Connect or Follow others to help them build their contacts
  2. Like or Love their content – show them that it is of interest to you – in turn this will help your newsfeed improve so that you get content that is of most interest to you, from the people you are most interested in
  3. Leave a Comment – it will help promote their content further for them and hopefully, in turn, they will start commenting on your posts in return helping your reach too
  4. Endorse their skills – it takes seconds but helps build them to be seen as a subject matter expert with the relevant skills and knowledge when others are looking at what they do
  5. Recommend them – even better than endorsing them – unsolicited write a recommendation for someone, do one per week, you will be amazed how many then do the same for you.
  6. Message them to develop your network further. Linkedin can see who you are engaging with and will then promote your posts to those that you are interacting with. Again helping both of your feeds to be as relevant to each other as possible
  7. Connect them with someone from your network – pass on a connection as you would if you were at a networking event to help them grow their contacts and hopefully their business

In these unprecedented times being there for each other and helping each other is key for businesses and using Linkedin can be a great way of doing this.

Podcast: Is it time to get a coach?

On this episode, Peter Basford, Business Coach and Founder at Business Growth Coaches Network shares his story about his experience of over forty years in the Banking Industry and offers insights into why having a Coach or a Mentor can really pay for itself.

There’s no doubt about it, the current COVID-19 crisis is challenging all businesses and whilst short to mid-term survival is key, many will be looking at their value proposition with a view to improving it. Having a business coach to provide another pair of eyes can really help with this.This is an episode packed full of advice from a true business industry expert, so if you’ve often though about hiring a coach, but have yet to do so, then this podcast is definitely worth a listen!

To contact Peter: LinkedIn:

Website: (c) 2020 Salescadence / Matt Sykes

New Business Partner: Clarity 4D

BGCN are excited to now be Accredited Business Partners with Clarity 4D which enables us to offer a new tool to support the personal development of our clients. Contact us for more details.

Clarity 4D

Clarity 4D