Abi Turner

Abi specialises in supporting user experience (UX) design for businesses, from startups right the way through to large corporates.  She provides research and design expertise of the end-user interaction with a company, its products and its services.

Her job is to stop your customers from having to think about using something. In fact, great experiences should be invisible.  Think about the noise of the shutter sound on your phone when you’re taking a picture.  That was her idea from the 90’s when she was working with BT & Nokia on defining 3G mobile experiences.  There’s no physical shutter, but the sound tells you the picture has been successfully taken.

Why is that important for your business?  Effective UX design increases sales, increases customer retention, boosts referrals, lowers your support costs and it’s also proven to reduce development costs of building the wrong features or fixing usability issues.  Abi takes an evidence-based approach, initially gathering any business data and metrics to identify impacts to your business and provides opportunities on how to solve them.

The best user experience don’t happen by chance – they’re the result of careful research, data and design planning.  Examples of digital platforms with modern UX design practices embedded are Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify but UX also spans physical product and service design too.   

Key Services

  • Provides lean start up support to find customer problems worth solving by creating value propositions that clearly demonstrate a return on investment.    
  • Helps businesses conduct customer insight to identify value opportunities and business growth.
  • Can review end to end service experiences for customers and back of house operations to identify experience improvements and efficiency opportunities to reduce costs. She can also design new services from scratch too.
  • Provide usability testing and evaluations of products and services to identify short, medium and long-term fixes.  
  • UX design and feature delivery.
  • Help implement frameworks for effective UX delivery.
  • UX coaching and development.
  • Business metrics and optimisation to drive return on investment.


Abi’s worked with embedded technological companies, to household names and design agencies. These have spanned industries such as health, telematic insurance, telecoms, education and software-defined networks.  She’s designed for the web, mobile, apps, SaaS and physical products. She also has wealth of experience across consumer, business to business and employee experiences too.

Abi Turner

Abi Turner

Business Coach

Digital Experience Coach

London and East


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