Alison Newcomb

Alison has a wealth of experience in leadership and Board level governance. She was a police office for over 30 years, rising to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner, in the Metropolitan Police Service.

As well as delivering the operational demands of the job, Alison led one of the largest transformation projects in Europe. Her expertise in programme and project management mean that she is ideally placed to help SME’s develop their strategic vision; set realistic but challenging business objectives; plan and deliver outcomes, against an ever changing landscape.

Alison is also a qualified trainer, who places the individual and team at the heart of delivering success. Alison and her husband have two teenage children and have successfully balanced their family and the demands that come with operating at the highest levels.

Since leaving policing, she is the co-founder and Director of a small consultancy business. Alison is keen to use all of her experiences to help others to succeed.

Alison Newcomb

Alison Newcomb

Business Coach


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