Cathie Jeannot
Executive Coach

Cathie has 30+ year’s experience in political engagement, public sector and not-for-profit leadership, startups and SME’s and more recently elite sport. Cathie thrives on understanding what makes humans tick. She is a trusted truth-teller and her coaching philosophy is to listen, explore and share wisdom when needed.

Cathie has extensive experience working with those on the founder to CEO journey. She is skilled in working with multi-generational teams and millennial leaders. She is a curious and creative individual who is not afraid to take risks. Cathie helps leaders at every level go beyond honesty and breach the “zone of transparency” so they can permanently shift old assumptions. Her calmness enables clients to tackle the conversations that previously made their stomachs turn.

Cathie is a catalyst who energises her clients. Her expertise lies in combining proven business frameworks with more intuitive methods such as somatic coaching. Her candour supports her clients with rigorous accountability so they can be confident in sustaining critical decision-making. Specific areas where she offers support include CEO identity, leadership, team dynamics, managing change and accountability. When not working you’ll find her planning her next French escape or watching rugby – whatever the weather.


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