Ciara Scallon

One of the benefits of having a rich and varied work life, is being able to help others enrich their own. My diverse career encompasses stockbroking in the City & Europe, global outsourcing and change management in Australia, and charity fundraising in the Arts and Heritage sector in the UK. I most enjoy working in the SME sector where each person’s input can make a tangible difference.

I run a professional fundraising practice. We help bring to life the dreams of individuals and communities, for profit and not-for-profit. I also serve as a Trustee on the board of charity contributing to strategy and direction. I love the problem-solving aspects of every project, working out how to tell each story to best effect. A lateral and strategic thinker, I am direct and honest, whilst supportive in finding new ways of approaching difficult issues. We work collaboratively towards finding the innovative – or obvious – solutions.

I passionately believe that relationship building is the cornerstone of any successful venture, particularly those wishing to grow. I would be delighted to have a conversation about any current or future challenges or opportunities.

Ciara Scallon

Ciara Scallon

Business Coach

Charity & Not for Profit

London and East


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