Daniel Owen-Parr

For 25 years, I have been leading high performing teams: 17 of those years have been in the banking and finance industry. I have held senior positions in Dixon’s Group, Lloyd’s Bank, and Together. I am currently with VAS Group as their Commercial Director.

I have managed clients with turnovers of up to £100million, across all sectors, and this has given me a unique perspective when it comes to running companies at all levels. It has also given me great insight into business dynamics and I have the leadership experience to develop teams with outstanding culture, resilience and performance – all attributes needed for success.

As a coach, I primarily work with SMEs, start-ups and owner managed businesses. I have a very strong affinity with financial services, retail, and sports & fitness businesses. I also work with leaders and managers who wish to improve, especially around mental toughness, goal setting, self-awareness and performance management. I am qualified as a Clarity4D coach. This allows me to support senior leaders and their team to unlock their full potential.

Within the property finance industry, I am a media-trained spokesperson: I have over 30 radio interviews under my belt, countless editorials and blog coverage, podcasts and three TV interviews on Sky Property TV.

Spare-time finds me utilizing my leadership skills as a triathlon coach. I have also tested my own boundaries by completing numerous marathons, triathlons, two Ironman events, the Marathon Des Sables and an English Channel relay swim.


  • High Level Sales Expertise
  • Strong Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Developing Exception Teams
  • Lending and Development Finance
  • Managing and Developing People
  • Delivering Excellent Client Relationships
  • Coaching and Media Trained
  • Presentation, Public Speaking and Communication Skills.

My preference is to coach via Zoom as this gives me the ability to operate anywhere in the UK and at a time that suits you.

Daniel Owen-Parr

Daniel Owen-Parr

Business Coach


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