Dave Betts

An Entrepreneur & business leader who has experience in turning Vision, Purpose, and Mission into reality. Successfully taking a number of his startups from an idea through the various stages of scaling through to final sale.

Likes to create a working environment of high support, high challenge. Has a clear blueprint underpinned by gaining the organization’s trust via an authentic leadership style.

Enjoys coaching and mentoring, trained in CBT and Personality profiling. Believe that people learn from making mistakes. The role of the coach is to ensure that we create a safe environment for people to make mistakes but can help shape and nudge people forward into greater success.

Proven ability to help teams solve problems whilst working through the polarity of short, medium, and longer-term objectives.

20 years of delivering leadership training for all types of organizations and charities Can engage at all levels within an organization from the Shop floor through to C suit.

Dave Betts

Dave Betts

Business Coach


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