James Barton

With over 18 years of management and consulting experience augmented by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Liverpool with a final research focus on remote team leadership which is in the process of being published. I take immense joy and pride in helping and
advising aspirational business to achieve their own version of success.

For those 18 years, I have prided myself in being a catalyst for change and subsequent improvement within my departments; constantly evaluating the situation, seeking ways to optimise and improve. I do this through careful consideration of variety of influential factors, such as current operational processes, strategic direction, and even self-reflection, thus ensuring that I can make an effective decision.

I see improvement as taking proactive steps in creating an environment where creative thinking is not only enabled but encouraged. Improvement, is looking at a problem and thinking beyond the obvious, thinking critically and from multiple perspectives.

I look to challenge the current state, whilst understanding what has gone before as the foundations to future success. My unique blend of experience working in large organisations and building my own business has enabled me to develop a narrow and deep understanding of both the operational and the strategic aspects of organisational design.

James Barton

James Barton

Business Coach

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