Mikael Korsgaard

Helping people helping themselves to transform has been of interest to me since my teenage years. In 2004, I finally decided to gain insights about the art of transformation through coaching. Since then I have coached people of all ages and from many diverse fields, including athletes.

I invest myself into the dialog with the coachee (you) and become involved in your path. With empathy and the understanding of what the challenge is for you and what you would like to evolve away from and into, I focus on the importance of valuable and sustainable change by you for you. From our first intake conversation, the focus is you and the change you are seeking. Through listening with the intent to understand and learn about you, with encouragement and by holding you accountable in being persistent, our conversation will have one primary focus: ‘what change by you, will change a lot for you’?

There is an opportunity for growth and learning in all situations and challenges that we encounter. Throughout our work I will help you recognise your strengths and support your growth in areas where needed. By putting your problem areas and your challenges into new perspectives, you will gain new insights and grow personally.

I work primarily with SME’s, personal owned businesses and start ups. I also work with leaders who wish to become a better leader, especially around values, goal setting and influential and intentional leadership.’

As I am based in Denmark I suggest that we make meetings and coaching environmentally friendly and sustainable.

On-site coaching and training is of course also an option that I provide. It is also easy for me to schedule meetings  anywhere in the EU if required.

Mikael Korsgaard

Mikael Korsgaard

Business Coach

Danish International

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