Mike Cornell

Michael is committed to construction mentoring and coaching small construction companies. Michael became a contracts manager at the age of 24.

For 22 years, he assisted in developing a plastering and dry-lining company to become one of the largest in East Anglia that worked with all the top national Construction Companies. Before moving to Spain, CMC (Construction Made Clear) managed the construction of villas for ex-pats by managing Spanish builders and supplying clients with weekly reports and photos through construction management software.

Michael brought CMC to England, managing projects through the Planning, Design, Pre-construction and Construction stages. As a result, CMC gained a merit award from the Bury St Edmunds Society for the best improvement to the town’s gateway in Bury St Edmunds,

Michael introduced CMC Contractors, managing and constructing a 650m2 new eco-home near the centre of Bury St Edmunds that won the RIBA Suffolk Design award.

Michael mentors and coaches start-up to medium-sized companies to keep good records like Change Orders, Client Goal & Brief Identification and Management, Development Appraisals, Risk & Opportunity Management, Scheduling & Budget Management, Tendering & Appointing External Consultants and Contractors.

Mike Cornell

Mike Cornell

Business Coach

Construction Specialist

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