Nick Cox

Nick was born in South Africa but grew up in London. At 21 he self-funded his Commercial Helicopter Pilots License while working as a Close Protection Officer.

After many years of corporate flying which took him all over Europe and the USA, Nick spotted an opportunity in event Heliports and raised the capital to purchase Helicopter & Aviation Services, which operated many of the sporting event Heliports around the UK. Nick rebuilt the company from the ground up and expanded its areas of operation and delivery to create Helipad as it is today. Utilising the customer base provided by Helipad, Nick went on to create Hai Air, specialising in the sale and acquisition of private and corporate aircraft, based in the UK but operating globally. A further company was added to the fold with Jockey Club Air as a Joint Venture with The Jockey Club to provide aircraft charter and ancillary services.

Having experienced everything from lowly Contract Pilot to MD, Nick has first hand experience of the difficulties in building a business from one man to one hundred staff. As with any small businesses, there are so many things you don’t know until you need to. Nick is on hand to help answer those questions and can often give ideas and examples of the good and bad ideas he’s tried in building a business, as well as the do’s and don’ts of cashflow, marketing and staff, etc.

Nick Cox

Nick Cox

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