Phil Mowat

Following a career in the events industry straight after university, Phil became involved in franchising at the start of 2009.

Nicky, his sister, was running a small hair and make up artist agency. Thinking about her growth plans, she looked at franchising as a route to growth. Phil, becoming tired of 15 hour days and late evenings in events venues, jumped on a train to the NEC in Birmingham and visited the National Franchise Exhibition to learn about franchising and what was required to develop the business into a franchise. In 5 years the booking agency had built up from a team of 10 to 350 make up artists, run by a network of 40 franchisees. Having reached critical mass and due to the rapid enhancements in automation, this allowed Phil to pursue other opportunities in franchising, whilst remaining (and to this day) a company director.

His next step was to take on a role as the Head of UK Operations to assist an Australian franchise business (Local Appliance Rentals) to open up and expand into the UK. Phil ran the operations, trained and onboarded new franchisees and led the day to day business, whilst working with Head Office in Brisbane, 10 hours ahead (no get away from the late nights!). The franchise network grew rapidly, from 5, to reach 35 franchisees by the time he left the business 18 months later.

Next up was a role working as a qualified Business Coach and the National Strategic Partnership Manager a leading coaching business. Phil worked with small business owners from a variety of industries, on a 1-2-1 and group basis, helping them to build systems for their business, build a team of employees, and allow them to work less, but make more money. Putting systems in place is one of the most important aspects of franchising, but it’s also very important for any business to work well. Alongside the coaching, the strategic partnership work was to form and manage partnerships that provided win-win-win solutions for the franchisor, the franchisees and the partner. The business partnered with the high street banks (HSBC, Santander, NatWest and Barclays), to run seminars and events  to educate and teach the business building system to business owners around the country.

Phil’s last move was into another global franchise operation, working as the UK Country Director for Expense Reduction Analysts. He led the network of 100+ franchisees (all business consultants), as well as managing the internal departments and his own franchise support and recruitment teams. His biggest achievement was to help steer the business through the challenging Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdowns, allowing the franchisees to thrive and meaning the franchisor could continue to grow, in a very tough market. This role opened his eyes to the world of consulting and the opportunities that exist to help businesses to grow.

Phil loves the variety of businesses and sectors he gets to work with via BGCN. One day working with a small “mum” owned business to a much larger corporately owned business the next day.

His personal mission, by 2030, is to help over 300 businesses grow and create no less than 3,000 work opportunities. Off the back of this, he wants to raise £30,000 for good causes, by personally donating £10 for every work opportunity created. 

A man on a mission!

Phil Mowat

Phil Mowat

Business Coach

Franchise Specialist

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