Sim Goldblum

Sim is a very experienced leader, non-executive director, board adviser, senior manager, consultant, coach and mentor. He has worked with companies across many sectors from global automotive to SMEs, in business development, JV creation, M+A activity, team leadership and development.

He is passionate about helping business owners recruit, develop and retain the right people for each role, and is adept at addressing under-performing teams and dysfunctional boards.

Sim is very effective when advising SME business owners and leadership teams and brings independent thought, creative expertise and strategic wisdom to bear in all his assignments.

Key Services:

  • Implementing effective business growth solutions to add six figures to the bottom line in 12 months
  • Improving the business 1 person at a time by creating and delivering coaching and development plans
  • Building/Rebuilding Purpose for the business and for teams
  • Coaching and Mentoring senior staff/board members and owners

Sectors: Engineering, manufacturing, biotech, automotive, NHS, services

Sim Goldblum

Sim Goldblum

Business Coach


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