Stephen Hughes

Spent the majority of the last 30 years working with SME/Commercial businesses, including trading businesses and property investors and developers. This included a period where I was providing a business advisory service alongside the management of the Bank’s relationship with clients. This focused on understanding the needs of the businesses/Directors, the future objectives and developing and implementing appropriate action plans. As an employee of Lloyds Bank I also managed Teams operating in this sector which gave me the experience of in effect operating my own business.

My 42 year career with Lloyds also included working in the Bank’s Global, International and Retail businesses, the latter including the management of 12 branches and the attached business centres, during the amalgamation of the Lloyds and TSB businesses. Provision of a high quality and professional service and adding value has always been my prime objective both personally and for my Teams which has benefited both clients and Bank. Also have extensive experience in the real estate sector helping clients to build their investment portfolios and overseeing a number of commercial and residential development projects in the North West. I live in Blackburn and work from home, visiting clients as required.

Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes

Business Coach

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