BGCN Specialist Services

At BGCN we want to support you in developing and growing your business. 

BGCN Specialist Services

HR Resources

Through our Associate HR Consultant, Lyndsay Salmon we can offer you support in all things employment, at a budget to suit you. Lyndsay has extensive experience in helping businesses to develop through their employment practices and strategies and has worked in both the private and public sector – and with private sector clients delivering on behalf of public sector organisations.
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International Services

As well as the common aim of increased revenue, exporting brings many additional benefits to the UK company. Introduction to alternative methodologies, smoothing over seasonal sales patterns, enhanced reputation, broadening of contacts within the sector, innovation and collaboration opportunities are just some of the additional benefits trading internationally can bring.

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Digital Strategy

Digital is at the heart of growth for many of the organisations we work with, so we provide access to experts with experience across a range of industries to help you set targets, measure success and grow quickly and sustainably. Our strategy package helps find opportunities and manage risk for your digital presence.

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Connecting you with our network who can help also help your business grow



Optimising your finances - focussing on both the income and the costs


Committing to undertaking actions to move the business forward each and every month

Cost Effective

Cost Effective support and guidance to help you and your business grow


Providing a “trusted adviser”, a “critical friend” and a second “pair of eyes”

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