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“When seeking growth many companies will look at export development as a positive means to achieve this. Unfortunately many companies are then put off by what can seem a daunting challenge. International trade can be full of jargon, technical terms and perceived risks and barriers. This needn’t be the case and help is at hand through BGCN’s specialist international trade support services.

As well as the common aim of increased revenue, exporting brings many additional benefits to the UK company. Introduction to alternative methodologies, smoothing over seasonal sales patterns, enhanced reputation, broadening of contacts within the sector, innovation and collaboration opportunities are just some of the additional benefits trading internationally can bring.

So how can BGCN help?

Whether you’re totally new to international trade or an experienced exporter and importer, BGCN will have a way of helping. Through our dedicated  specialist BGCN can provide a service tailored to your requirements. The work our international service offers will fall into one of two categories.

1. Project specific, one-off pieces of work. This could be writing an export strategy, identifying your priority target markets and providing the justification for the choice, writing a market entry plan for a chosen country, identifying potential distributors / overseas partners in a given country, through to assistance with specific nuts and bolts issues such as assistance with a Letter of Credit.

2. Alternatively for more development oriented projects where support is required on an ongoing basis a retainer based service can be provided. An example of this would be to write a market entry plan for a given market and then implement the plan by searching for and appointing overseas partners. In this scenario BGCN’s specialist is working as an additional practical resource taking on tasks that an in-house export department would normally provide. This is a fantastic way to access a knowledgeable, experienced export manager without the risks and overheads of employing a new member of staff.

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