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BGCN are proud to announce a series of business training courses led by expert practitioners from the group, our courses and training events cover a range of topics..

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All The World’s A Stage! – an intensive course in confidence-building and performance skills for the workplace.


In business, every time you meet a client or contact you are essentially playing a character – a heightened version of your authentic self. It is vital to successful business relations, pitches and presentations that you can ‘read the room’ and adapt quickly to the different personalities and business cultures you encounter.  This workshop takes the skills of an acclaimed actress and a top voice coach who help you develop your skills as a performer – being an authentic chameleon in all your meetings to gain the best outcomes for you and your business objectives.

This unique team-building day (or weekend) will help you perform better in the workplace, discover new levels of charisma and give you the confidence to take on even the toughest clients.

How? By teaching you how to sing, act and perform in public!

In a fun and intensive workshop, Gemma Oaten and Michael Hill will help you gain greater control of your voice, body language and ability to connect with an audience. You will have the choice of learning to sing a song, deliver a monologue or present a poem – all in front of supportive colleagues enjoying the same positive challenge.

Not only that, but you will have the fantastic opportunity to showcase your new-found skills and confidence, by performing a concert that evening with your colleagues.

Performance skills are not just for the stage: this workshop will empower you with the knowledge and skills essential to build confidence, charisma and camaraderie with your colleagues and clients.







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