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BGCN are proud to announce a series of business training courses led by expert practitioners from the group, our courses and training events cover a range of topics..

Manager Training Course – The Essentials of Managing

Manager Training Course

The Essentials of Managing


All too often, when people move into managerial roles, they may be highly skilled in their particular field, but they are rarely given any specific training for the new element of their role. This Essentials of Managing course will equip your managers with the core skills they need to manage well, and in turn, get the best from their teams. Participants will learn tools and frameworks to help them manage, have the opportunity to put these into practise during the session, and develop their confidence to go back to their workplace and immediately start managing their teams better.


Course structure

The course is comprised of three modules, typically run 4-6 weeks apart to allow the opportunity to apply learning back in the workplace in between each session:


 Module One – the Fundamentals of Managing:

This module serves as an introduction to what this business called managing is all about and underlines the critical impact managing can have: on people, on the bottom line, on company success. We look at different manager styles and the key things you need to know about your direct reports to be able to manage them well.


 Module Two – Core Skill – Coaching:

Research shows good managers are those who can coach their teams to high performance. Understanding the fundamentals of what it means to coach is vital to managing teams well, and this module gets straight into the key elements and includes plenty of practical sessions.


 Module Three – Core Skills – Feedback & Delegating:

Research also shows that good managers are skilled at giving feedback. Not dodging it and not fudging it. In this session participants will learn how to give powerful feedback that actually raises performance. Good managers also empower their teams and that means learning the art of delegation. Participants will learn what stops them from delegating, and how to delegate effectively.


Course structure

Courses will typically run with 6-8 delegates, in one of our Suffolk-based training venues, and will include practical exercises as well as class-room style learning. The modules are usually from 9.30am to 2.30pm.



Plenty of training is interesting, and at the time engaging, but if participants go back to their desks and do nothing different, it’s been a waste of time. The style, structure and delivery of these modules is designed to ensure participants not only learn lots of new things they find interesting, but can also apply them back at work.




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