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BGCN are proud to announce a series of business training courses led by expert practitioners from the group, our courses and training events cover a range of topics..

BGCN Workshops


Level Up Your Public Speaking Skills!


In this workshop, acclaimed actress Gemma Oaten and top vocal coach Michael Hill will help you to supercharge your presentation skills, deliver a winning pitch and never worry about public speaking again! Using years of acting knowledge, key industry body language tricks and evidence-based vocal techniques, Gemma and Michael will guide you towards finding your authentic public speaking voice.

Topics will include:

Breath support and vocal tone – how to sound the way you want, to deliver a compelling presentation

Body language – what should I do with my hands and what looks right?

Charisma – how to connect with an audience, no matter how big or small.

This fun and informative workshop will give you bespoke tools to gain confidence as a public speaker and presenter.

(Available as a half or full-day workshop)







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