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BGCN are proud to announce a series of business training courses led by expert practitioners from the group, our courses and training events cover a range of topics..

Sales Training Course – The Sales Strategy Course

SALES Training Course

The Sales Strategy Course


The frustration of not being able to grow your business often boils down to the one area you didn’t plan on worrying about – sales! We’ll invest money in training compliance, health & safety and finance but the one thing all struggling businesses do consistently well is to neglect the most important part of their business model – the selling part.

The Sales Strategy Course allows delegates to benchmark themselves against the Ultra-High Sales Performance (UHSP) standard, identify the gaps and learn the skills and frameworks that turn the application into long-term, sales results.


Course structure

The training course is comprised of six modules, typically run 2 weeks apart to allow the opportunity to apply learning back in the workplace in between each session:


 Module One – Process:

This module serves as a ‘self-diagnosis’ session and provides an in-depth look at the reasons why people buy and why they don’t. It dissects the Sales Process and demonstrates the importance of why selling in sequence is essential for sales growth.


 Module Two – Prospecting:

One of the key reasons why businesses fail is because they don’t have enough ‘qualified’ leads in their sales pipeline. Understanding who your ideal customer is, how many you need and how to engage them is crucial and this module teaches just that.


 Module Three – Pitching:

Some say that ‘you get what you pitch for’ and recognising how, where and when to pitch is a skill that can be learned and a talent that will reward every Sales Professional who masters it. A highly practical session which boosts confidence and self-belief.   


 Module Four – Control:

Many organisations struggle with gaining commitment from an interested prospect, resulting in sales discussions that go on far too long and often disappear. This module teaches you how to control the sale on your terms so that a decision is always made.  


 Module Five – Questions:

There’s a direct link between the quality of a question and the quality of the answer. In this module, you’ll takeaway a well-designed and strategic set of sales questions which will improve your sales conversations and improve your sales conversion rate. 


 Module Six – Objections:

When you hear “it’s too expensive”, what do you say? When they “need time to think it over”, how do you respond. This module teaches the essential skill of reversing objections and shows you how to avoid objections happening in future – guaranteed.   


Course structure

Courses will run with a maximum of 8 delegates, in one of our Norfolk or Suffolk-based training venues and each module is three hours in duration. Workbooks are provided.



Plenty of training is interesting, and at the time engaging, but if participants go back to their desks and do nothing different, it’s been a waste of time. The style, structure and delivery of these modules is designed to ensure participants not only learn, but can also apply what they learn directly into their sales role.




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