Accountability – what every business owner needs

Photo of the Your Telemarketing Team, in 2022.

After working with a coach, Laura Morrison, founder and managing director of Your Telemarketing, was disillusioned with the services offered. Then she met Peter Basford, and that all changed! His approach, support and experience have helped Laura to grow her successful and thriving business.

Your Telemarketing

After working for a large call centre as Head of Business Development concentrating on blue chip companies, Laura recognised there was a gap in the market for affordable B2B telemarketing for small enterprises. She quickly realised East Anglia has a high percentage of SMEs who would benefit from a telemarketing service tailored to suit their business needs, and Your Telemarketing was created.

The company offer has evolved to become an outsourced business development team, as well as providing a hot desk facility for sales/telesales personnel, and telemarketing training.


Image showing laura-morrison sitting at a desk in Your Telemarketing

Coaching is not just for start-ups, or new entrepreneurs. Your Telemarketing has been around for 11 years. The company has won more business awards than most and is well-known in the region. Laura has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, yet recognises the value that working with a business coach has.

I firmly believe all businesses, whatever their size, require the support of a business coach who will provide advice, act as a sounding board, will question your decisions and make you accountable. I had previously used a coach but was disillusioned with their services. When Peter explained how he believed he would be different, I signed up straight away. I have now been a BGCN client since its inception and recommend the networks services to others.”

Laura Morrison


Peter has been coaching Laura for four years. He holds Laura accountable for tasks, keeping her focused on working on the business, not just in the business. Acting as an external adviser, Peter can offer advice that is practical and usable. Laura leaves coaching sessions with a manageable to-do list, with support and advice on how those goals can be achieved.

Laura has the skills and experience to coach others, but being held accountable and outsourcing to an expert has helped Laura drive her business forward. Activity is now up to pre-covid levels, and the plan is to recruit new team members shortly.

Some of the Your Telemarketing' team at an Awards ceremony
Pictured above, some of the Your Telemarketing’ team.


When the pandemic lockdown hit, Your Telemarketing lost 80% of their work yet Laura stayed committed to the coaching service provided by Peter and BCGN. The network is an affordable coaching option with a high return on investment, and Laura sees it as an essential business expense.

Value Added

Peter’s support has enabled me to transition the business, create better solutions and to survive through the toughest economic crisis. He holds me accountable, ensuring I follow through with my actions. He questions my decisions, but also applauds me when he believes I’m making correct choices.”

Laura Morrison

If you have a growing business and would like support from a BGCN coach, please do get in touch.