Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Programme

Need a critical ally to help you grow your business?

Whether you are the owner or a senior leader, it can be difficult to find someone in the business to talk things over with, and confidentially share your concerns. Executive Coaching can provide that sounding board, and combined with our Clarity 4-D profiling, can leave you empowered and more confident to take your business forward.

Executive Coaching provides a business owner, or executive leader, with the space safe needed to explore experiences and challenges. The fears, worries or concerns could be internal (financial, structural, or personnel), external (the marketplace, comms, or industry related), or personal (managing the work/life balance, where to go next) – in short, all aspects of the business.

Providing a critical supporter, in a confidential setting, Executive Coaching is a great way to develop confidence, and skills, and to improve as a leader.

Executive Coaching is client-led and flexible, to give you what you need, how you need it. It may be two hours once a month, or 30 minutes every week – whatever suits you and your business. We start with the end in mind and agree on what is needed to achieve that result.

We understand coaching works much better if we can combine personality, skills, and experience with your needs. Your 1-2-1 sessions will be with an experienced Executive Coach matched with you – we have a wealth of experience in the team and can partner you with a coach who not only has the skills and experience relevant to you, but will be a great fit with your personality.

Our mantra is that you have the resources you need. Our role is to ask the questions to allow you to access those resources. We hold you accountable, to make sure you achieve what you want to achieve through this flexible programme.

Want to know how Executive Coaching can work for you? Get in touch today.

Want to know how Executive Coaching can work for you? Let’s have a chat.

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