Founding clients – Waller Transport Services and Darryn Flynn

Photo of a Waller Transport vehicle, showing the Waller logo.

Waller Transport Services, with its Head Office based in Ipswich, manage global logistics for their clients. As a family business providing transportation solutions since 1966, the
organisation is well established with a committed workforce in multiple locations across the UK.

When Managing Director Darry Flynn took over the reins after his father-in-law sadly
passed, he realised how lonely it can be when you are at the top of a busy organisation.
After reaching out to several established coaches, Darryn felt he needed something
different to the usual ‘textbook’ approach to coaching.

Having met Peter Basford during his days at Lloyds Bank, Darryn was interested in the more
hands-on approach Peter was suggesting. “It was like having a board member working with
me” Darryn remembers, “If I asked for help with something, Peter would either help or tell
me who could help. He delivered on every promise he made.”

Five years on and the partnership between Waller Transport and BGCN is even stronger. In
addition to meeting Peter monthly, BGCN also provides a part-time Finance Director, and
people management support and training.

“Working with Peter has helped me to believe in myself, to trust my decisions, and to deal
with whatever the industry throws at us. But more than that, the beauty of BGCN is it is
giving me access to a vast range of trusted specialists without having to search for them
myself. Peter and the team’s contacts have helped with everything from asset finance and
insurance to staff training and marketing specialists. It is a comfort to be able to dip into a
pool of tried and tested individuals, without having to employ them.”

Peter’s experience and natural desire to help businesses and individuals thrive have
extended to Darryn and the team at Waller. As Darryn says, “I have the vision and can see
where the business wants to go. With BGCN’s support, the team here have created the
efficient infrastructure to make it happen. We can now grow as the structure is repeatable
and scalable. We would not be in this position without BGCN.”

When asked whether Darryn would recommend BGCN he replied, “Yes! Definitely. We feel
supported without a hidden agenda, there has never been any pressure from the coaches to
take them on for more days. They offer amazing value for money. We have also had a lot of
fun along the way with various networking events, golf days, dinners, and so on, providing a
sociable way to meet other businesses. I just can’t believe it has been five years already!”