Spex Appeal Case Study

Spex appeal case study
Creating a successful business requires much more than just making a profit. Generating a profit will certainly ensure financial viability but instilling resilience and a constantly growing customer base are equally as important.

From simple beginnings, Lynn and Alan Lynch have built a successful business based on sound business judgement, financial prudence and especially on their ethos of delivering an exceptional customer experience, evidenced by the substantial number of customer referrals they consistently receive.

From an initial mobile spectacle dispensing service working part time from a shed in their garden they have created an award winning enterprise, Spex Appeal. The business has consistently grown, now with three staff working in a customised studio displaying a vast range of spectacle frames from a budget selection to top end designer products at highly competitive prices. Managing this whilst still providing the original mobile service across central Scotland.

I was introduced to Lynn and Alan over 18 months ago when they had just moved into their studio to provide mentoring, guiding them towards achieving their business growth ambitions. It was clear that there was exceptional potential within their business model. With my support they were able to identify the key activities that would enable them exploit that potential and achieve much more. Beginning with setting SMART objectives and completing a SWOT analysis helped create clarity with the way forward. Importantly they now regularly set aside time from their demanding day to day activities to think strategically about business development.

Urged to regularly update their website, invest time on social media posts and launching engaging videos on Tik Tok, raised their profile enhancing awareness of their business and the benefits they offer over their competitors. However, the incremental number of personal referrals is still their major source of new customers.

Their journey has not been without challenges. With the support of a business coach, providing a safe sounding board with whom to share ideas and discuss solutions they have made key, pivotal decisions on how to continue to grow the business.
Taking the time to share thoughts and give each option serious consideration positive outcomes were reached without compromising their ethos and their vision for the business.

Exemplifying the benefit of having an experienced business coach to support them.

BGCN Coach Michael Clerck