SimpleClick – one of BGCN’s original clients, looking forward to the next five years


SimpleClick is a website and mobile app developer. For the past fifteen years, as a technical web agency, the team at SimpleClick has worked with clients to improve the user experience and take customers on a seamless journey through different systems with their expertise in technical integration.   Whether working with clients directly to create a fantastic online customer experience or as a consultancy to review and improve existing systems, SimpleClick’s passion is to make sure their clients provide the best online user experience possible.

Celebrating Five Years with BGCN

SimpleClick is one of BGCN’s original clients – and five years on, the relationship is still going strong.  Richard Jennis, Director and Founder of SimpleClick, was introduced to Peter Basford through a client at a Suffolk Chamber of Commerce event back in 2018.

“We had worked very successfully with a business coach before. When I first set up SimpleClick, we started to work with a coach who worked to a prescribed programme. That approach worked well initially. As a new company, the set programme the coach worked with showed us what we needed to do and how, but it quickly became repetitive”, explains Richard “That fixed approach could only take us so far on our journey.”

Peer support

“As soon as I was introduced to Peter, I realised that we could work well together. He is approachable, easy to talk to and had a wealth of experience,” remembers Richard.

Having exhausted what value his original coach could add, Richard was missing having the peer support that a coach could offer. As a business owner and leader, it can be difficult to find a trusted peer to discuss challenges and concerns. 

“I liked the way that Peter, and the approach of BGCN, had no set formula or agenda.  There was a network of experience and skills to draw on, and it was about what SimpleClick needed, not about the formula approach that they would provide”.

His relationship with Peter became so important as the global pandemic hit. The pandemic coincided with Richard’s Co-Director leaving the business.  “I felt physically and mentally alone”, says Richard. “My role as a business owner was to support my team and keep the business going. I didn’t want to take my worries home to the family, as although they are supportive, they wouldn’t fully understand. Peter was there every step of the way. To help me with challenging business decisions but also to support me as an individual.”

Richard remembers Peter asking how he was, with his well-being. “Working with a coach who cares about his clients as individuals, and as people, as well as caring about the business gives that extra level of support that we can all do with”.


Richard recognises that as a business owner, it can be hard to keep yourself accountable. It is easy to get distracted or to avoid the more challenging actions that are needed. Having Peter there to keep Richard accountable has made a big difference to the success and growth of SimpleClick over the past five years. 

“I know that Peter is always there, sitting on my shoulder, as my conscience. I know he will follow up, and ask how I have got on with a goal or target I have set, which keeps me on track.”

Team Support

Peter has supported the wider team and business through various change processes over the past five years. The most significant, was when Richard’s Co-Director, decided to move on. “Whilst it was a very amicable decision, Peter was there to not only support me through the next steps but also the wider team. Naomi, who was already a valued team member, became the new Co-Director and Peter was there to support her, and help the transition to the new relationship”.

Impact on SimpleClick of working with BGCN

As well as the mentoring style support that Peter provides Richard, BGCN has had a positive impact on two significant elements of their business:


SimpleClick has been a finalist at Suffolk Business Awards for Employer of the Year due to the improvements in their HR approach and culture. Richard attributes this to the changes that have happened with the support of BGCN.  “Working with Lyndsay Salmon, BGCN’s HR specialist, has saved me so much time, stress and hassle. She takes on the role as an HR Director for the company, providing legal advice and support but making sure that our procedures and policies are in place,” explains Richard. “Being a good employer is really important to me and the culture of SimpleClick and working with BGCN has enabled us to achieve the high standard we strive for.”

Sales Process

“Working with BGCN has allowed us to be ourselves in how we approach sales. I’m certainly not a natural salesman, and instead of being led into a formula sales process Peter has worked with us to help improve how SimpleClick presents themselves and improved our sales process”, explains Richard.

Part of that has been introducing the team to Clarity 4D. A process which has not only improved how the team communicates and works with each other internally, but has impacted how communication with clients, and potential clients takes place.

Flexible and Approachable

“Peter, and the approach of BGCN, is to be flexible to suit the needs of the business. There is no fixed process or program. Peter comes with no agenda. He is someone I can lean on when I need to, and brings balance to our business.  If he can’t help, someone in the network, can.  Working with BGCN over the past five years has had a massive positive impact on SimpleClick as a business, and me as a business leader. I look forward to the next five years working with Peter and the team”