Creating Business Growth With Ongoing Support

Lighthouse Personnel

When Covid-19 struck, all businesses took a hit; here’s how BGCN supported Lighthouse Personnel to not only survive the pandemic, but grow as a company

Every company, in every industry, became affected by the devastating effects of the pandemic. The rare few found their business actually blossomed due to the rapidly changing markets, lifestyle changes and alterations to supply and demand. But most were left reeling in the wake of the ensuing financial chaos.

Navigating change is key to survival; placing in plans and structure is critical.

Knowing when to find help

Professional permanent services recruitment agency, Lighthouse Personnel, found themselves in an unimaginable situation. In the middle of the pandemic, Gerard and his wife had made two employees redundant and placed themselves on furlough. The business they had spent years growing altered unrecognisably, virtually overnight. Once a thriving recruitment agency, Lighthouse Personnel had suddenly turned into a CV writing service, barely supporting Gerard and his wife.

Understanding that for his business to survive, Gerard required outside advice from a trusted source. He was referred by a friend to Peter Basford at BGCN to help support the business and advise on financial direction as an ongoing sounding board.

Implementing effective and supportive change

Working alongside Lighthouse Personnel, Peter helped implement various improvements to the business including:

  • Strategy guidance such as writing an effectual business plan
  • Structuring the business for growth and continual development
  • Rebranding
  • Premises relocation
  • Staffing concerns and recruitment
  • Winning new clients
  • Introducing new business to Lighthouse Personnel
  • Acting as a supportive ambassador

Continual business growth and personal development

Within one-year Lighthouse Personnel, with Peter’s support, have grown the team of one to five members – and growing! Importantly their five-year business plan is helping them to continually find and nurture new clients. And in Gerard’s words:

Peter’s support has been transformational to me. My personal development has benefited significantly from working with Peter at BGCN. I now have a work-life balance, feel more supported in my role, and am better equipped to combat the day to day challenges of running a small business.

Asking Gerard for his genuine appraisal of working with BGCN, he summarized his experience as: Transformation. Development. Strategy!

To discover more of how BGCN can help grow your company alongside your business goals, please contact us [link to Contact page] and start transforming your objectives into business realisations.