Introducing Alison Beech

Alison Beech

Continuing our series of articles to celebrate BGCN’s 5th birthday, we would like to introduce one of BGCN’s Directors and founding coaches – Alison Beech.

The next chapter

Back in 2017, Alison decided it was time she reviewed her plans. She had a date in mind for leaving full-time employment but, as with any life plan, things had changed, and she realised the date she had always had in mind was no longer the right date for her.

Alison had been working in a national business, responsible for a £13 million turnover and 100 plus employees. After crunching the numbers, and looking at her priorities, Alison realised it was a great time for the business, her family and her, to make a change.

“I had a strong number two in the business who was ready to step up so I knew I was leaving the team in great hands,” remembers Alison. “I knew I wanted to free up some time to enjoy everything I had worked for and decided to take early retirement.”

Never too late for a “gap” year!

2018 was the gap year Alison had missed earlier in life. Taking a year to enjoy a few big trips, and just breathe left her ready for the next challenge. During that year she was introduced to Peter Basford. Peter was still working but had already come up with the idea of BGCN and shared his vision with Alison. She was immediately hooked on the concept and reconnected with Peter six months later and joined.

Why become a Business Coach and Mentor?

Alison’s successful career had been varied in terms of roles, sectors, and size of business. She has a robust skill set and experience in HR, leadership, start-ups, business development, comms, marketing and turnaround. Except for deep-dive financials, Alison has pretty much been there, done