Celebrating Five Years of BGCN

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September 2023 marks a very special anniversary for BGCN. 

As any start-up will know, reaching the milestone of five years is a fantastic achievement for any business and BGCN is no different. And for the Business Growth Coaches Network, along with all those businesses that have set up and grown during the global pandemic and recovery, never before has “roller-coaster” been such an appropriate term for the past five years in the economy.

How BGCN started…

Peter Basford started BGCN when he left Lloyds after a 33-year career. “I wanted something fun to do, and something I was good at”, explains Peter. “I had always been involved in coaching colleagues and social enterprise clients through my work at Lloyds.” Peter spent some time looking at what coaching offer he could give which would be different.

“When I set up BGCN I based it on an ethos which remains today. To offer high-value coaching for an affordable, competitive price. The offer has evolved and grown, but our ethos remains the same. To make a difference in businesses through low-cost, high-value coaching and mentoring.”

How BGCN grew….

Peter, and Nigel Sandbrook, as the two founding members, have created a network of like-minded coaches. The ethos of wanting to help other businesses, using sector-specific experience, to deliver high-value coaching remains at the core of the business.

There is now a team of 30 coaches with around 70 regular clients. The coaches work collaboratively to give their clients the best outcome through using the expertise available. There is no fixed formula or programme which is used for coaching: BGCN takes a bespoke approach based on what the client needs and wants to achieve.

How the future looks….

The future is looking very exciting for BGCN. The network will continue to grow, with the ambition of bringing the team up to 50 highly specialised and experienced coaches. The expansion into supporting start-ups will continue with an online course to support those businesses that may not quite be ready financially to have a 1-2-1 coach. Peter is looking at whether BGCN may become an international franchise, and is keen to offer a bespoke service to female entrepreneurs.

Fifth Anniversary – Time to Celebrate and Reflect

Over the past five years, BGCN has worked with around 2,000 clients, either on a 1-2-1 basis or as part of a large tender such as the Digital Advice Service. Some of the original clients remain with BGCN and continue to benefit from mentoring and executive coaching.

The coaching network has expanded to 30 specialist and experienced business leaders. The coaching offer now includes supporting start-ups, through Start, Build, Grow, as well as more established businesses needing help on their growth journey.

2024 looks to be a year of growth and development for BGCN, ensuring that at the 10th anniversary, the ethos of providing high-quality coaching for a competitive price to help and support businesses will remain at the heart of an expanded and growing network. The unique approach of a collaborative coaching service within a network of experts, each sharing their unique experiences and skills with their clients, will ensure the success continues.

Over the next few months, we will be reviewing how our founding clients who remain with us today have benefited from the support of BGCN, and introduce our new coaches and programmes.

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