Rob Hall

My approach is action orientated and results focussed. I have a broad experience in supporting business growth, change management, leadership training and sales management skills I can help you think through the opportunities and put the actions in place that will help you grow your business more rapidly.

Often, it is not the knowing what to do that holds us back, it is actually getting stuff done – the things we know we should be doing but just not getting around to them.

Setting clear goals and taking the necessary actions is the key …. but then being held to account to ensure those actions are being done. That is where I can help, regular accountability conversations to make sure those actions are happening and you are progressing towards those goals you have set yourself.

I have spent the majority of my career in the finance industry, reaching senior levels in leadership and strategic positions. This experience has enabled me to gain extensive commercial knowledge and ability to coach, develop and inspire individuals to reach their true potential. Since 2016 I have worked as a business coach, with a wide variety of SME business owners.

I also own two other businesses, a property business with my wife in Bristol and a landscape gardening business with my son in Wiltshire.

I love to help inspire young people to greater success, having worked with a Bristol school for several years in mentoring students plus chaired a Business In The Community group of high profile businesses with a focus on improving education links to enterprise.

I have met so many business owners over the years, more than I can count. The common factor amongst those who are successful is undoubtedly their realisation that they cannot possibly know everything and so have the common sense to take on external advice and support. Goals without actions are just dreams, so now I just love helping business owners to take clear decisive actions to achieve what it is they are looking for.

Rob Hall

Rob Hall

Business Growth Coach


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