Executive Coaching Programme – the best investment you can make for you, and your business.

Executive Coaching Programme – the best investment you can make for you, and your business.

Executive Coaching in a post-pandemic world

The last few years have been, well, at the risk of sounding like a BBC reporter, unprecedented. The rapid rate of change we experienced in 2020, is continuing. The economic fall-out has bought its own level of uncertainty. The result is a high level of disengagement and a whole raft of new challenges for executives and business owners.

As a business owner and senior executive, you are not immune to the pressures that everyone is feeling. The unsettled and challenging economy, staffing availability, technology developments, Brexit – the list goes on – impacts on us all at home, and at work.

It can be difficult to have a trusted peer to discuss your concerns and fears when you are the owner or executive leader of a business. Executive coaching provides a critical supporter within a confidential setting, to keep you accountable and help you access the resources you have inside, to take your business forward.

Who benefits from Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on the business leader or senior leadership team member. It is especially helpful to those who lack a peer team with which they can share their concerns, and explore their experiences. Perhaps those new to an executive level position, or a business owner who has recently recruited a senior team.

It is a 1-2-1 relationship, with full energy focused on helping you to access your own resources to improve personal and business outcomes. It works with you, enabling you to be authentic and confident in your business decision-making process.

Benefits of Executive Coaching for you

Improve performance – through an Executive Coaching Programme, you can improve your performance. You can identify your areas for development and identify the strengths to maximise.

Self-awareness – Developing your self-awareness will improve your level of emotional intelligence, and your communication skills and help build and maintain productive relationships. Our mantra is you already have the required resources within you: our coaching helps you to access those resources.

Decision-making and problem-solving – an Executive Coach is your critical ally and supportive challenger. As a business owner or senior leadership team member, it can be difficult to identify a safe space where you can share openly and in confidence. Your Executive Coach can provide that peer-to-peer sounding board.

Develop skills – An Executive Coaching Programme can help you to identify areas of skill you’d like to work on and hold you accountable for succeeding in that work.

Accountable – your coach can hold you accountable for your actions which can support you to achieve your personal and leadership goals.
Increase motivation – committing to a coaching programme, and investing in your own personal development, will naturally increase your motivation. The change your team will see, will, in turn, increase their motivation. Win-win!

Benefits of Executive Coaching for your business

Giving you the space to work ON your business, rather than constantly working IN your business will lead to improved decision-making, more robust business planning, and a clearer strategic direction. This will lay the foundations for business growth.

Strong leadership skills will inspire your team resulting in improved productivity and optimised individual performance. This can lead to improved staff retention, talent recruitment and yes, you have guessed it, business growth.

With clear leadership and strategic direction from the top, a culture of creativity and confident decision-making will be encouraged, again supporting business growth.

Whether you are looking to up-scale, sell or improve stability, Executive Coaching can help you.

Investing in you – investing in your business

As the business owner or executive, there is no doubt you authorise spending on the training and development your team receives, yet taking the step to invest in yourself can be a big one.

Acknowledging you can continue to learn and improve, that you need the additional support, and that it is not only your team who can benefit from coaching, is the best investment you can make. Your business, your team, and you will benefit.

Where will Executive Coaching take you and your business?

Simply answered – wherever you want it to. We start with the end in mind and create a flexible coaching programme to ensure you can achieve that result.
Your own personal development, and the impact that can have on your business, make Executive Coaching a valuable investment.

Why not have an informal, no obligation, and confidential chat with us to discuss how you, and your business, could benefit from a one-to-one coaching programme?

Alison Beech

BGCN Coach – Alison Beech

Expertise: Professional business coach specialising in executive mentoring; growing, developing and transforming businesses; organisational development and change management. Clarity 4D accredited. Background in financial services, property, and associated sectors.

 Experience: Managing director, business development director, HR director and non-executive director. BGCN director. I’ve worked in blue chip plc, owner managed, and start up.

Out of hours: A regular runner, Alison has completed six marathons. Volunteer Appropriate Adult. Sport. Music. Walking with my Patterpoo, Otis.