Funding Advice And Support For Start Ups

Sniffle and Likkit

Accessing the right support and expertise ensures businesses thrive from inception

Starting a new business is enormously exciting; taking control of your new venture and watching ideas germinate into tangible business goals is a truly wonderous experience. However, getting the business plan correct from the first step is crucial in ensuring success.

How business support can help Start-Ups

All companies in their infancy require different advice at different moments; some will have detailed plans and marketing structures; others require connections and a more fluid approach. Some need advice on accessing new markets and industries. Luxury pet care company, Sniffe & Likkit, established themselves in 2019 and approached Peter Basford at BGCN to help with continuing their company development.

Initially company owner, Lee Sargent, was interested in accessing advice regarding funding, knowing full well that the wrong instruction could not only be unhelpful, but potentially crippling for his new venture.

How start-up support can continue to develop

Peter Basford from BGCN began supporting Sniffe & Likkit through analysing their business, their products, goals and target market to gain a greater understanding of the funding product best matching their requirements. Utilising his huge database of connections, Peter helped source the correct funding for a business in their current situation. Working alongside the company, Peter further extended his support by:

  • Offering expert advice on how to effectively sell products with large-scale platforms such as Amazon
  • Access new markets including wholesalers and doggy day-care companies
  • Applying accountability measures
  • Ensuring the company’s finances remained healthy
  • Helping with staffing and any arising team issues
  • Being completely onboard, as one of the team with Sniffe & Likkit. In fact, Peter describes his experience with the company as, “fully invested in their business, we cry and celebrate together.”

Working alongside BGCN

Moving from fulltime corporate life to a start-up entrepreneur was always going to be challenging and whilst many skillsets are transferable, taking on a new venture requires new expertise and listening to the right advice. Lee found his new career move, “required me to have an independent sounding board, guide and replacement ‘boss’ to help me stay focussed on business priorities and keep me connected to a broader business network that’s tough to invest time in doing, when you’re building a business from scratch.’

Continuing business support

If you are looking to start a new business or are just beginning with your new venture and feel that extra support and guidance could help make the difference, call us today and chat through your ideas and goals with one of our amazing mentors. Discover how we can help you make the difference you’re looking to achieve.