Introducing Kat Dancey

Meet the team Kat Dancy

One of the unique benefits of BGCN is the mix of experience and backgrounds the coaches offer. Through working collaboratively, BGCN’s clients can benefit from detailed expert advice as and when needed, alongside the input from their regular coach.

We would like to introduce Kat Dancey. Kat has joined the network and brings with her over 20 years of experience in construction sales and business improvement.


“I have been training, coaching and mentoring teams throughout my career but finally took the plunge to go self-employed in the summer of 2023,” explains Kat. “I met Peter [Basford] at a coaching event and his enthusiasm was catching! His passion for BGCN and his vision is exactly what I was looking for.”

Kat considers that every day is a learning day, and whilst she has a wealth of experience and skills, she appreciates sometimes her clients’ may benefit from a bespoke expert for a specific issue or discussion. “Working with BGCN will allow me to work with a wider scope of clients, as I can be confident I have access to a team of experts as and when my clients may need that specific support,” says Kat. “I know my clients will benefit, and I can also learn and develop from working within such a great network of coaches and mentors”.

Nurture and Support

Kat volunteers as a coach and mentor as part of the Help to Grow scheme. She loves seeing others experience personal development and learning to be the best they can be. She is currently working with a construction team to train and support a sales team of 26.
“Having managed sales teams and worked with a large variety of businesses in many different sectors, I love learning about people, and businesses. Sharing knowledge and developing people and businesses is a thrill that never gets old,” explains Kat.

The relationship between sales and marketing

The relationship between sales and marketing can be over fraught and misunderstood – even by those in sales and marketing 🤣. Kat specialises in uniting the sales and marketing strategies to ensure that maximum effectiveness is achieved and that the strategy plans are delivered.


For Kat, it is all about employee motivation to drive sales and deliver marketing strategy. Kat has coached both senior and junior sales professionals across a variety of sectors including construction, motor trade and manufacturing. “My passion is helping people to develop the skills they need to achieve their goals,” says Kat, “and watching the personal development journey have a positive impact often both on home and professional lives”.

When not at work

Kat has just spent a week driving in a car rally around Europe dressed as Penelope Pitstop, covering nine countries in seven days. Her less adventurous free time is spent walking her dog, going to live music events and spending time with her friends and family.