Introducing Nigel Sandbrook

Nigel Sandbrook

As BGCN celebrates 5- years of result lead mentoring, we would like to introduce you to one of our founders – Nigel Sandbrook.

Once upon a time…

…a small boy used to tag along when his Dad went to work. He would walk around factories and manufacturing plants, marvelling at the process of creating something tangible…  

It is no surprise that Nigel’s favourite role in his 40-year career brought him back to his childhood passion of manufacturing- As the Area Director in Manufacturing for Lloyds Bank.

Nigel spent his career at Lloyds, demonstrating real commitment and mastery of his craft as a Chartered Banker. With roles covering all six counties of the East of England, his experience on the job helped him gain valuable knowledge to navigate challenges in the areas of finance, production, and sales (to name a few!)

40 plus years later, Nigel still visits the manufacturing clients that he’s helped over the course of his career. The smells and sounds still take him back to those days spent on the factory floor as a child. (We’ll gloss over the health and safety aspects of a child on the factory floor– it was the 70s 🤣)

Wealth of experience

After two years of enjoying his well-earned retirement, Nigel received an exciting proposal from his friend and colleague of over 20 years, Peter Basford.

 Seeing a gap in the market for reasonably priced coaching and mentoring, Peter suggested that they form Business Growth Coaches Network. A scheme to help guide business owners with the tailored support needed to achieve tangible growth.

Eager to use his years of experience for the benefit of others, Nigel jumped at the chance to get stuck in!


Five years ago, the vision for BGCN was to help people. To pass on experiences and skills and to provide the best possible coaching at a reasonable price.

Now, with a network of over 25 specialist coaches- All with a diverse range of experience in business, BGCN can draw from a vast range of knowledge across its network, providing extensive support and advice for the clients we work with.

This collaborative approach to coaching has proved invaluable to our clients. Giving them access to a range of specialist guidance that is tailored to support them in the best possible way. There is always someone on hand at BGCN that can be brought in to offer a valuable solution for the client. And it has led to some fantastic results for the business owners we support.

Of course, it wouldn’t be worth coming out of retirement if it wasn’t fun! Nigel is always keen to work with clients that have a desire to change, and a willingness to learn. And he is still inspired by the new talent that BGCN attracts.

Business Dad whatever the sector

Working across a wide range of different industries, Nigel has earned the name of ‘Business Dad.’ His clients all come from a variety of sectors including organic fashion, transport, wholesale, law, charity, glass- And of course, manufacturing!

Nigel’s outlook as a coach has ensured brilliant results for his clients. He believes that the manufacturing principles of ‘Lean and Sigma’ can be applied whatever the sector! Helping his clients to analyse what may be slowing down their progress, nurturing them to improve their working practices, and giving them the confidence needed to navigate any issues that they may face in their day-to-day operations.

Nigel still values the relationship with his first client from five years ago. Through Nigel’s coaching, the client gained confidence in navigating their business, and the working relationship evolved from coaching to mentoring. Nigel now acts as a sounding board to help advise his client on the decisions that will drive their business towards further success.

Start, Build, Grow

BGCN recently won the tender for Start, Build, Grow. A free scheme created to support start-ups in Ipswich with a mix of coaching, peer programmes and technical workshops. Heading up the project as Programme Director, Nigel is excited to welcome the scheme’s first cohort of 20 Entrepreneurs.

Working in partnership with Ipswich Borough Council, AMS Business Consultants and the University of Suffolk, this free programme is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Ipswich postcode area. You can find out more details here.


All about work-life balance

When not with his clients, Nigel is a family man. After a career involving travel and time away from home, he is now enjoying travel of a different sort – international, with his wife! His favourite place so far is Garden Island in Hawaii of Jurassic Park fame but ask him next year, and his travels may have allowed him to discover a new favourite.

He works for fun, and to help others, so keeps the balance of enjoying his free time, whilst supporting his clients. His garden, dogs, family, and clients all bring him happiness.

What’s next?

“I have currently got around 8 clients, and I am the Programme Director for Start, Build Grow. Certainly, enough to keep me out of trouble,” laughs Nigel. “The future is extremely exciting for BGCN. We are attracting new coaches and have some amazing talent in the team. I love our Monday morning team calls. It leaves me thinking, wow. To be inspired by your team of bright, intelligent people and to be kept on point, is a fantastic way to start the week.”

“We may be celebrating our 5th anniversary, but this is just the beginning,” says Nigel. “We are now ready to take BGCN to the next level, expanding the national reach and looking at succession planning to ensure BGCN are just as successful at their 10th anniversary”.