Introducing Sylwia Matusiak

Sylwia Matusiak

Sylwia Matusiak joined the Business Growth Coach Network in the summer of 2023. With BGCN celebrating their fifth anniversary, it is an exciting time to join the network. Based in South West London, qualified coach Sylwia, is looking forward to the future with BGCN.

Meet Sylwia

Sylwia understands how to get results through dedication, hard work and discipline. As an ex-professional gymnast representing her home country of Poland, Sylwia grew up understanding the importance of goal setting, commitment and teamwork. A career in hospitality was perfect. Sylwia thrived in the ever-changing environment, with a passion for supporting people to be the best they can be. A career that started with waitressing, and culminated with opening up new restaurants and working with new hospitality outlets to train their teams, Sylwia’s drive and motivation has always been people.


Passion and Drive

From being an operational manager to training and development, Sylwia’s career has always been people-focused. “I love helping to set up new businesses, supporting the launch of a new outlet, and helping the team gain the skills and confidence they need to excel. Taking that passion and drive from hospitality into coaching was the next step for me,” says Sylwia.

Following completing her formal qualification in coaching, to support her extensive experience, Sylwia has fallen in love with coaching. “I feel it combines everything I have loved about my career to date, and allows me to focus on my real passion of helping people”, reflects Sylwia.


Body and Mind

Growing up in the pressured environment of gymnastics, Sylwia understands the importance of physical and mental health. As well as a qualified business coach, Sylwia is also a qualified yoga instructor. She firmly believes in integrating the body and mind for executives to be the best they can be. In the future, she hopes to combine the two elements to allow her clients to have the skills, mindset and health needed to excel.



In 2022, Sylwia started working on a project which included Rob Hall from BGCN on the team.  “Listening to Rob talk about BGCN and the impact the network was having on local business, made me realise there was more out there,” explains Sylwia. “The hospitality industry changed over Covid, and whilst I had adapted, I knew I needed to consider my future. Combining my passion for people development, and my experience to become a coach, seemed the ideal solution”.


Benefits of BGCN to the coach

Anyone who has worked in hospitality will appreciate how important teamwork is. To switch from a career in an industry where success is based on strong teamwork, to being self-employed and working alone is daunting. “BGCN is an amazing bunch of people. They have a wealth of experience and just want to give back and help others, including those in the network. To be able to work as a coach, but be part of this fantastic team is a great opportunity,” says Sylwia.


Benefits of BGCN to the client

“The client doesn’t just get one coach. They get the network of coaches,” explains Sylwia. “They can draw on the skills, expertise and knowledge of the whole network, whilst having a close relationship with their specific coach. The client, and the coach, are supported which is perfect”.

Sylwia is thrilled to be working with such a diverse, and experienced group of coaches to be able to support her clients in whatever they need.


Ideal Client

Sylwia already has four clients as part of the Build, Start, Grow scheme with BGCN. Whilst her background is in hospitality, her experience with operational management, training and people support means Sylwia is well-placed to support all sectors.  Her strengths are to enable senior managers and executives to take the next step feeling confident and organised to be prepared for the challenges ahead.


Heading into 2024

Sylwia is looking forward to 2024. “I have so much to give, and gain, from being part of the awesome BGCN. The future is looking exciting”.