Jon Kay of Camp Tails Doggy Daycare

This is no shaggy-dog tail; here’s how Jon Kay utilised BGCN to help continue building on his successful enterprise.

Little did Jon Kay know when Loki, a cute Labrador pup joined his family in 2014, his journey as a pet owner would eventually turn him into a successful business owner. However, working on the business whilst in the business is no easy task; Jon astutely decided to employ the help of business coach, Peter Basford to help him develop his independent company.


Jon knew he wanted more from his business than he was currently achieving. He realised making the move from being part of a franchise which he had joined in 2016, into an independent business, would be the way forward.

Finding the time to develop your company, whilst working flat out within the organisation, is no easy undertaking. Recommended by a networking contact, Jon contacted BGCN to help him develop his franchised dog day care business, into an independent dog creche more befitting his aspirations, personality and care of animals.

BGCN Support

Working with a coach helps develop the skills required to successfully run and develop an enterprise. Alongside analysing the business needs, a coach helps owners focus time and attention on targets and results that really matter to individual objectives.

Meeting Peter Basford helped Jon initially, unjumble a sometimes-cluttered mind of a sole owner.”

Once Jon and Peter had successfully considered the objectives Jon required for his aspirations, Peter then helped Jon with, “Contacts and connections, motivation and guidance through all aspects of my business.”

Working with BGCN allowed Jon to, focus and move away to spend more time on the business not in the business.”

Key to developing a small company into a thriving enterprise is having the space and support to work on the business. Utilising Peter’s expertise gave Jon the ability to consider broadening the company’s offers with fresh ideas; enabling the business to expand and not remain stagnant.

Jon and Camp Tails

In 2019 Jon successfully started Camp Tails, a fully independent and successful business.

Camp Tails now offers much more than day-care. For example,

  • The Groom Cabin: open to both daycare Campers and non-members. All the groomers work in the creche so know the doggy daycare residents inside out and have behaviour training. Doggy residents have their appointments booked-in at the same time as they would normally be attending, meaning owners do not need to book alternative days. Non-residents have a specially built playground which accompanies the grooming cabin, so the dogs can play and cuddle without the need to be crated
  • Puppy Parties: Up to 20 pups have a safe and secure place to play and socialise, whilst owners learn tips and tricks from Jon, who is on-hand to help with advice and guidance during their formative years
  • A fantastic ecommerce website with the Camp Shop selling numerous T-shirts
Camp Tails Doggy Daycare logo

Summarising how BGCN helped Jon and Camp Tails he said,

“BGCN helped me step up more as an entrepreneur as through some periods, I was very much an employee in my own business. BGCN were always available for help and guidance and hugely supportive. They were super helpful and great since our first meeting over two years ago.”