Coaching packages for your business lifecycle

Where are you in your business lifecycle?

Looking to expand? Diversify? Grow teams? Considering acquisition, thinking to franchise or perhaps sell?

Wherever you currently find yourself, our mentoring and coaching guidance programmes help you healthily promote your future business decisions.

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Our Mentoring Programmes

A monthly package of business expertise and experience devised around your needs. We advise on key elements which will effectively grow your business and warn against decisions which will be costly mistakes.

Our SME Programme requires a monthly commitment from us both, together we decide on the next actions required to further your business. To make it easier for you to develop your business, we step on board!  We spend up to two hours a month working on areas you don’t have the time to advance.  This gives you a chance to breathe, your company development is accelerated and you’re receiving expert, trusted business help.

You’re also not tied into a fixed term contract. We believe coaching is an organic process which has a natural end. Essentially, you decide if you’re ready to go it alone or will benefit from our SME Advanced Growth Programme [Link to section].

Our coaching programme is also designed to let you pick it up again in the future if you feel further coaching could advance your company.

Included in your SME Programme:

  • BGCN support and business expertise
  • 1 hour board meeting — we cover key elements of your business including your income, costs, business development, customer retention, risk, customer service, digital strategy, profits, finance including areas such as R&D and grants
  • Next month and quarter profitability goal setting
  • Next step priority listing
  • BGCN’s agreed actions to work on before our next meeting
  • Your agreed actions to work on before our next meeting
  • Progress review; looking at reprioritising actions and adding new activities

Yes please! This is the programme my business needs!

This mentoring package is an ideal project-based addition to the SME Programme. It deep dives into the areas you feel require expansion or further work. The programme works best alongside the SME programme, as your coach will have a greater understanding of the extra expertise that will benefit your business.

However, the SME Advanced Growth Programme can also be run by itself without the SME Programme, depending on your business requirements. You choose how you would like to work with the programme. For example, some companies simply prefer a one-off half day coaching consultation, others prefer monthly or quarterly sessions.

Let’s take your business on the next step to success

Please read our case studies to further understand how BGCN provides real value to the organisations who work with us.

All our coaches are specialists in their field of expertise and work alongside companies to help develop their business growth. Rather than employing fulltime members of staff simply outsource work to our coaches and benefit from industry specialists on your team.

Let’s have a chat and work out the best programme to support you

BGCN Sector Specialists

Human Resources

Supporting your company’s people and employment

International Services

Importing, exporting and currency expertise for companies working worldwide

Sales Training

121 and group sales training workshops to develop strong, innovative and effective sales for your sector

Manager training

Whether you are looking to train a newly recruited manager or refresh skills, our coaches can work with your managers to enhance and maximise their skillsets

LinkedIn Training

Learn how to utilise LinkedIn’s specialist tools to set yourself apart from competitors, expand your network, grow meaningful business relationships and gain B2B sales

Discover how Engagement Multiplier can help you understand your team’s engagement in the business.

Contact us today and together, we will make your business grow.

Case Studies