Founding clients – Waller Transport Services and Darryn Flynn

Photo of a Waller Transport vehicle, showing the Waller logo.

Waller Transport Services, with its Head Office based in Ipswich, manage global logistics for their clients. As a family business providing transportation solutions since 1966, the organisation is well established with a committed workforce in multiple locations across the UK. When Managing Director Darry Flynn took over the reins after his father-in-law sadly passed, he realised how […]

Accountability – what every business owner needs

Photo of the Your Telemarketing Team, in 2022.

After working with a coach, Laura Morrison, founder and managing director of Your Telemarketing, was disillusioned with the services offered. Then she met Peter Basford, and that all changed! His approach, support and experience have helped Laura to grow her successful and thriving business. Your Telemarketing After working for a large call centre as Head […]

Connections, understanding and confidence: ingredients for success

Photo of the Brownie and the Bean team

When Charlotte and Luke Giddings launched Brownie and the Bean in 2019, they had no idea of what 2020 had in store. Yet support from BGCN proved invaluable in helping this company effectively diversify into a thriving enterprise. Taking Luke’s mother’s secret family brownie recipe and launching a mobile café based around their amazing brownies […]


Jon Kay of Camp Tails Doggy Daycare

This is no shaggy-dog tail; here’s how Jon Kay utilised BGCN to help continue building on his successful enterprise. Little did Jon Kay know when Loki, a cute Labrador pup joined his family in 2014, his journey as a pet owner would eventually turn him into a successful business owner. However, working on the business […]

Funding Advice And Support For Start Ups

Sniffle and Likkit

Accessing the right support and expertise ensures businesses thrive from inception Starting a new business is enormously exciting; taking control of your new venture and watching ideas germinate into tangible business goals is a truly wonderous experience. However, getting the business plan correct from the first step is crucial in ensuring success. How business support […]

Creating Business Growth With Ongoing Support

Lighthouse Personnel

When Covid-19 struck, all businesses took a hit; here’s how BGCN supported Lighthouse Personnel to not only survive the pandemic, but grow as a company Every company, in every industry, became affected by the devastating effects of the pandemic. The rare few found their business actually blossomed due to the rapidly changing markets, lifestyle changes […]